Kati & Josh

Definitely one of the most emotional love stories I've ever had the pleasure to document. Pretty sure there was not a dry eye in the place as these two made their vows to each other before friends, family, and their three children.

I met Kati and Josh when I first moved to Australia nearly three years ago. They were dating, and I, being a total newbie to both CF and Eltham, was always so appreciative of what lovely soulful people they both were. Kati and I became pregnant with our daughters around the same time, and she was just into her second trimester when the accident happened. Josh broke his back mountain biking in what was simply an unlucky fall in the wrong place. Fast forward a year and a half later and they have a beautiful baby girl and one helluva love story. So much courage, strength, pain, meaning, emotion, connection, understanding.... everything. This is everything.

Thank you Kati and Josh, for allowing me the pleasure to be a part of your incredibly special day. My heart bursts for you!

Kyra BoyerComment