Micaela & Chris

Micaela and Chris are one of the cutest, quirkiest and lovable couples I've met. They had fun every minute of their wedding day and didn't take anything too seriously. They even called their event 'The Festival of Mac & Cheese", and to everyone's amusement there were a couple uninvited visitors that day that were very disappointed there wasn't actually a Mac & Cheese festival on... 

When I first rocked up to this vast seaside property, I was greeted in the distance by a huge yellow steel sculpture that simply read 'ART'. At that moment I knew I would feel right at home. Chris' stepmum, who owns the property, is an artist and art collector. The natural surroundings and the interior decor fed my artistic soul.

Micaela look stunning in a white strapless jumpsuit and, as a surprise, she rode into her ceremony on a tractor because why not? (She actually learned how to drive it just for this purpose). 

I love unconventional weddings. I love couples who create their own traditions. I love JOY. And art.


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