The Smith Family

In amongst the chaos of family life and the insanity of raising four children under six, you really have to be an outsider to seek out the fleeting perfect moments the pepper your days. They may not be totally obvoius, because as a parent we are busy managing; Consumed with just keeping it together. I'm a mum, I get it. There are so many split second moments of heart-melt bliss raising little ones... but how can you ever hold them all? How can you keep them close forever and not forget? How can you take a step back and really see those moments held still in all their beauty? Photographs is the only way I've found.

I spent one afternoon with this cool and casual family of SIX, seeking out those perfect moments, and capturing them. Here is what we found.

This lifestyle family photography session was held at home in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Documenting honest stories and real connections is my favourite.