I'm a mum. I get it. My son Jack is three years old, and my daughter Phoebe is not even 6 months yet. We spend nearly every day, all day, together. A typical day for us probably sounds familiar to those of you who also spend every waking moment with a curious, energetic toddler, or an adorable (albeit needy) baby. It’s intense, fragmented and totally unglamorous.

But at the end of the day, when the kiddos are finally asleep and the house is quiet, I find myself flipping through photos I took throughout our day. In that moment, I am overwhelmed by the simple beauty of all the fleeting moments, tiny details, big love and necessary routines that make up our days.

In my child and family photography sessions I seek out personality and connection above all else. That's what I want to remember. It's all moment-driven, and usually by the children (or so they think). I like genuine. I love kids because they can't be anyone but themselves. Give me the scowl, the smiles, the challenges, and the easily-won-over. I won’t pose you I'll just place you somewhere and together we will discover the honest connection that is already there. I tend to go with the flow, let kids be kids, laugh a lot, make bad jokes, and exercise patience. 

Your family story is written in the details of your every day. With a documentary approach, my intention is to capture your real connection, big love, and the details that make your house your home. Every piece helps to tell your story… tickle fights, crocodile tears, bedtime cuddles, bath time, meal time, daily routines, sibling rivalries, tea parties, swing sets, princess dresses, messy bedrooms…

These real, raw, heart-melt daily life moments are the ones I want to remember in my own life, and I want to capture for you.

Home sessions are my favorite, but I’m happy to shoot anywhere else that is close to your heart.

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