A love story. 

Ever since she was a little girl, Gretchen always knew she wanted to be a mother. Her journey to Marta began several years ago as she investigated where, as a single New Zealand woman, she was eligible to adopt. Doors closed one after the other and adoption started to seem an impossibility. But then a small window of opportunity came up in Ethiopia, and she was quickly on a plane. Gretchen would return to Addis Ababa twice before she was finally able to bring Marta home. These are her words: 

If you think my hands are full. You should see my heart. The very first time I met you. I found a new meaning to love. I believe the stars were aligned. I’m so glad the heavens matched us.

-Gretchen, mother to Marta

Love. This. Session. The bond between these two is so strong. There was an ease to the whole session as they communicated freely and flowed from one room to the next exploring and giggling. Grateful today for this kind of love story, and that I got to witness it.