Hi, I'm Kyra. 

Here is some possibly irrelevant but wildly interesting information about me:

I’m American but I have lived in six different countries and traveled to over thirty. The first time I moved was when I was five, to Senegal in West Africa. Down the line, my high school graduation was at the foot of the Giza pyramids. Seemed pretty normal at the time, but now I think – hey, that’s cool!

My English husband and I met onstage, acting in a play in Singapore (we played husband and wife). We have a son Jack Anthony and a daughter Phoebe Delilah. Jack is a super sweet, highly opinionated four year old with a profound love for double-decker buses. Phoebe is just a wee babe, whose smiles are frequent and euphoric. I am also a stepmom to two of the sweetest kids, Maggie and Fred.

I have a BA in Theatre and Art and a Masters from Southern Oregon University. Before falling in love with my camera I was a secondary school drama teacher, first in Portland, Oregon, then in Nicaragua, and then Singapore. I still have a real passion for theatre and performance - I simply cannot watch a musical without crying.

My friends and family are spread across the globe, but through photography, I have found a way to keep everyone I love with me at all times.

In my life, and in my photography, I am drawn to thoughtful, genuine, adventurous people. I am energized by comedy and outrageous levels of silliness. I am attracted to subtle details, nuanced expressions, and the overwhelming beauty of human connection. I am charmed by bold colours and dramatic contrasts, and am forever fascinated by light, whether I’m flooded with it or finding it in tiny pockets.  

I have lived a diverse life but my interests remain simple; I’m into hot coffee, hot weather, ceramic mugs, yoga, arts & crafts, home décor, garage sales, home movies, the California coast, wind chimes, red wine, scarves, flip flops, and getting absorbed in a TV series with my main squeeze.  I have a lust for travel and experiencing new places that is only surpassed by my love for being at home. And at the moment, my home is Melbourne. 

I have been told I’m very calming.

 This is me, loving my job.

This is me, loving my job.

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