Hi, I'm Kyra. 

I’m American but I have lived in six different countries and traveled to over thirty. The first time I moved was when I was five, to Senegal in West Africa. Down the line, my high school graduation was at the foot of the Giza pyramids. Seemed pretty normal at the time, but now I think – hey, that’s cool!

My English husband and I met onstage, acting in a play in Singapore (we played husband and wife). We have a son named Jack Anthony and he’s a super sweet, highly opinionated toddler with a profound love for buses. I am also a stepmom to two great kids, Maggie and Fred.

I have a BA in Theatre and Visual Art and a Masters in Teaching from Southern Oregon University. I was a middle and high school drama teacher in Portland, Oregon, Managua, Nicaragua, and Singapore for several years before moving full time into photography.

My friends and family are spread across the globe, but through photography, I have found a way to keep everyone I love with me at all times.

In my life, and in my photography, I am drawn to quiet, thoughtful, tender moments. I am energized by comedy and outrageous levels of silliness. I have a lust for travel and experiencing new places that is only surpassed by my love for being Home. I have lived a diverse life but my interests remain simple; I’m into hot coffee, hot yoga, hot weather, ceramic mugs, arts & crafts, home décor, garage sales, Baz Luhrman everything, home movies, the California coast, wind chimes, red wine, musicals, scarves, flip flops and getting absorbed in a TV series with my main squeeze.

I have been told I’m very calming.

Me and Jack, 2017.

Me and Jack, 2017.

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